Quiz: Should you be his Cuckoldress?

He came up with this new idea, and you still aren’t really sure that this is for you? Pick the pen and piece of paper and let’s do it. Write down the letter of each answer and then sum it up. Your results in the comment section are highly appreciated. So let's go! 

CautionThis quiz is a fun game and shouldn’t be taken absolutely seriously. If you want to try this lifestyle, have a deep conversation together and proceed slowly when trying it. Always keep in mind the SSC rule (Safe, Sane, Consensual).

1) Can you talk absolutely frankly with each other about sex?

a) We discuss it on a daily basis.
b) Yes, we had several discussions before.
c) This is a topic that shouldn’t be discussed in well-mannered families. 


2) Do you consider yourself to be a bit exhibitionist?  

a) Sure, here I’m, do you watch me, right here!
b) When I’m in a good mood and with good company.
c) Not at all. I consider myself shy.


3) Would you be open to having MFM Threesome?

a) Not only I’m open to having it, I already had a few. 
b) Yes, I like that idea.
c) I don’t find this idea interesting.


4) Do you like flirting with other guys?

a) Of course cutie. How are you doing?
b) Secretly, yes, but I’m a bit shy.
c) No, it’s disrespectful to my husband.


5) Do you enjoy being wanted and desired by others?

a) I always do my best to impress. 
b) Who wouldn’t like that?
c) It’s a nice feeling, but I'm not looking for it.


6) Is the idea of you having sex with other men appealing to you?

a) Love it. Sure, I love my husband, but I’m also a very desirous woman.
b) Yes, I can imagine it, but not really sure. I’m a married lady.
c) No, I’m a married woman.


7) Are you the one who leads in the bedroom?

a) Yes, my husband needs to be led. 
b) We tried it, it was fun, but in my opinion, a man is the one who should lead. 
c) Hubby does, and I like it this way.


8) Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be his Dominatrix?

a) What a stupid question, slave! You need to be punished.
b) Funny idea, but I kinda like that… sometimes.
c) No, I’m not dominant at all.


9) Do you like the FemDom lifestyle? 

a) Already see it as my future lifestyle
b) Not sure what it is.
c) Not at all.


10) Do you like sexually humiliating your spouse?

a) Who? That little piece of nothing? Yeah, quite I do. 
b) No, I understand why someone likes it, but it’s not my thing.
c) Why would anyone like that?


11) What do you think about your spouse’s weenie?

a) Can’t see it. Where is that thing supposed to be?
b) To be honest? I have seen and had bigger in my life.
c) I’m truly glad for his size it fits me perfectly.


12) How do you feel about his performance in the bed?

a) In case I wouldn’t learn him how to satisfy me, he would be an absolute lost cause.
b) He has his ups and downs. 
c) He’s a great lover. 


13) Does his weenie deserve to be locked without release? 

a) Absolutely, It should be done years ago.
b) Saw it online, it’s cute, but not really.
c) No, why should I do that?


14) Do you like the idea of Female Led Relationships? 

a) Can’t imagine it a different way. 
b) No, that’s not for us.
c) Not at all.


15) Can you separate love and lust?

a) Not a problem at all.
b) I’m not sure. I probably didn’t find myself in that situation before.
c) I feel only one love and lust, and that’s towards my husband. 

Mostly A - Cuckoldress with big C.
Look at you! You were born as a Cuckoldress. Happy to hear that and glad you’re in our Cuckold family. Keep going and we hope you hear from you. And if you’re at the beginning our Cuckold Planner could come in handy. 

Mostly B - maybe not a cuckold, but definitely open-minded.

Maybe not a cuckold, but you definitely enjoy this sort of kink. If you like to be shared, you can be a swinger or Vixen (for a Stag), so keep exploring and see what you enjoy the most. 

Mostly C - this won’t be for you.
However, no worry, there are so many other kinks you can try. Just keep exploring and I’m sure you will find a perfect fit, sooner or later.

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