Quiz: Are you truly the Cuckold?

Wifesharing, swinging, hotwifing, stag and vixen. It’s up to you, how you call it. But if you would like to know if you are truly the Cuckold with big C, take our fun quiz. Pick the pen and piece of paper and let’s do it. Write down the numbers of each answer and then sum it up. Your results in the comment section are highly appreciated. So let's go! 

  • Did you ever have an MFM threesome?
        1. No, we didn’t.
        2. Yes, we did. 
        3. Yes, several times.
  • What was the best part of it?
        1. Didn’t try it.
        2. It was fun, we tried something new.
        3. Seeing my wife enjoying the pleasure I can’t ever give her.
  • Do you like when she takes the leads?
        1. No, I like to take the leads. I’m an alpha male
        2. Time by time, I like the change, but I’m usually the one in the leads.
        3. Yes, I need to be lead. 
  • How do you consider your manhood size?
        1. I’m pretty satisfied.
        2. Probably average, it could be bigger, but what can I do. 
        3. Really small, almost worthless.
  • Did you ever try cock cage?
        1. No, never!
        2. Heard about it, but probably not my cup of tea. 
        3. Yes, I use it regularly. 
  • What it felt like to you?
        1. Never tried it, but it must be hell!
        2. Didn’t try it, not really curious about this one.
        3. I finally feel to be myself with it. Now I know I can’t let her down, sexually.
  • My abilities as a lover are…
        1. Very good, I can make any women come.
        2. I have my signature moves, always work on myself to be better.
        3. Really poor, as she mentioned several times and I loved it. 
  • Do you like it when other guys flirt with your wife/GF?
        1. No, she should flirt only with me.
        2. I appreciate it, but only in case, they respect me as well.
        3. Love it, especially if they are doing it in front of me. 
  • Do you feel sometimes she is too exceptional to be with you?
        1. No, we are equal.
        2. Sometimes, when I feel down, but usually we are on the same page.
        3. No sometimes, I feel it all the times and regularly reminds her. 
  • Do you like the idea of her having sex with someone else?
        1. No, this is my nightmare.
        2. Yes, if I’m there, that sounds like fun to me.
        3. One of my favorite things to thought about. 
  • If you like that idea. What would you like to do while she is doing it?
        1. I would rather kill myself.
        2. Enjoy it with my wife.
        3. Kneel besides the bed and wait until she is fully satisfied by her bull.
  • Would you eat your or other men’s jizz if she’d ask you? 
        1. Never, I’m discussed by that idea.
        2. No, I don’t really think so.
        3. Yes, always ready to accept commands from my lady.
  • Do you fancy the idea of being pegged by her?
        1. No, I’m the man here.
        2. Not sure. It may be fun. 
        3. I dream about it every day.
  • Is your life purpose to be a slave for her?
        1. I won’t kneel in front of anybody. 
        2. No, we can have some role playing, but that's all. 
        3. Yes, my only true purpose in life. What can I do for her?
  • Would you ever serve her’s bull? 
      1. I would rather kill him.
      2. No, not interested in doing that.
      3. Yes, if she insists. 

    Mostly #1 - this won’t be for you.
    However, no worry, there are so many other kinks you can try. Just keep exploring and I’m sure you will find a perfect fit, sooner or later.

    Mostly #2 - maybe not a cuckold, but definitely open-minded.

    Maybe not a cuckold, but you definitely enjoy this sort of kink. If you like to share your wife, you can be a swinger or Stag (for a Vixen), so keep exploring and see what you enjoy the most. 

    Mostly #3 - Cuckold with big C.
    Look at you! You’re definitely the Cuckold. Happy to hear that and glad you’re in our Cuckold family. Keep going and we hope you hear from you. And if you’re at the beginning our Cuckold Planner could come in handy.

    Caution: this quiz is a fun game and shouldn’t be taken absolutely seriously. If you want to try this lifestyle, have a deep conversation with her and proceed slowly when trying it. Always keep in mind the SSC rule (Safe, Sane, Consensual).

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