10 signs of a great Bull

We all dream about perfect Bulls. Plus, according to our experience is truly hard to find at least one who is as much close to the perfect one. We met quite a lot of guys, and sometimes we had to stop it before we had even started. And in many cases, we met them once, and we will never meet them again. We met 4 perfect Bulls in our lives and they all had at least 7 of these features. So I must say, we consider ourselves lucky.

  1. He understands Cuckold dynamics

    To be honest, this will make things much more easier. You’re not expecting him to be cuckold himself, but when he is familiar with the whole concept you can easily start to talk about your expectations and boundaries. He also wouldn’t be surprised that you are a married couple and you both will be involved somehow. 
  2. He gets along with the husband/BF

    They won’t probably become BFFs, but the great Bull has to respect the husband/BF, even when he humiliates him as a part of a play. A bull must be able to communicate with him when something happens to you or just let him know about something. A Bull must also understand, even if you scream his name and crave his cock, that Husband/BF is much more important for you than him.
  3. He is willing to use protection

    A Bull, who doesn’t want to use protection isn’t a Bull, but a jerk. Yes, you can agree not to use condoms when you see him regularly, but you should also discuss if he meets someone else, has done any STDs test recently, etc. Just keep yourself safe. Remember, if you get an STD, you won’t be able to play for a while.      
  4. He understands your boundaries and STOPs

    It may not be seen easily from porn, but the cuckold hierarchy is an isosceles triangle. Everyone can stop it, everyone has his/her own boundaries, that everyone should respect. If he thinks the boundaries are flexible, it’s an enormous red flag and we wouldn’t play with him. 
  5. He can communicate his own desires and ideas

    Now, something you should understand first. He isn’t walking dick ready to please anyone and anytime. He is a human being too, with his own desires. Sometimes it can happen that he is walking dick, in that case, run away. Otherwise, ask him about his, desires and expectations. If he enjoys himself, he will most probably be loyal to you and try to make you please either. 
  6. He is not selfish

    Some guys understand cuckold dynamics this way: “He is looser, she is a poor thing who doesn’t know what real dick feels like, I can sacrifice myself and fuck her”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As mentioned before cuckold dynamics is an isosceles triangle and everyone should be pleased. 
  7. He listens to your needs (from both of you)

    If he has at least some social and dating skills he will probably ask you, what you enjoy in bed, what you would and wouldn’t like to do, etc. That’s good, but if you’re striving for the great, he should also ask what the Hubby/BF likes and dislikes, how he would like to be treated, or overall how he can make a nice experience for him as well.  
  8. He has experience with a similar couple

    This is just perfect, and even better when you know the couple and ask them about their experience. If you don’t know them, ask him about it, what they do, and try to find similarities and differences from your own expectations. 
  9. He isn’t a drama maker

    Sooner or later any drama comes up, we are just people. But you don’t expect the drama comes from him. It’s always better to ask him beforehand, what would make him mad or upset.  
  10. He doesn’t expect any romantic relationship with you

    This one is probably really clear. Trust me it happens. If there is any sign of romantic feelings, from anyone, stop it immediately. If there is some intention to meet you behind your husband’s back (not part of a well-discussed play) stop it. 

Do you want a place where you can write down all your dates and experiences with the Bulls, check out our PDF: Cuckold Planner. 

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