10 Do's and Don'ts when Cuckolding

Cuckolding, hotwifing or simple wife sharing is amazing. We love it, you love it and that’s the reason why we met here. On the other hand, this lifestyle can step up the relationship and same it can ruin it. We bring you 10 Do's and Don'ts we set up over the years in this lifestyle. Some of them are obvious and some we would like to learn much earlier.   



  1. Do: Communicate
    Yes, it's quite odd advice, but when cuckolding, there is never too much communication. When you feel anyhow express that, when you like something, tell it, if you don't like anything tell it immediately. 
  2. Do: Set boundaries
    We recommend you to write don’t your own boundaries and then share it with each other. Don’t negotiate, just explain to each other why this boundary is important to you and what you exactly mean by that. Then make a final list of all boundaries and keep it. 
  3. Do: Aftercare
    Cuckolding is a form of BDSM and Swingers relationship, so don’t skip this part. Besides it helping you prevent any damage, it’s also fun to relive the whole experience again. 
  4. Do: Learn together
    As soon as you fall deeper and deeper into this lifestyle your image of it will change, so keep up with the newest information, experiences of others, etc. Find a podcast, blog, website, or anything that suits you and learn from others. 
  5. Do: Make a difference between porn and reality
    We love captions, am I right? Who doesn’t? But the reality is completely different. For example, breed kink is truly hot, but would you really like to raise a child from your one-night stand?  
  6. Do: Understand, why are you doing it
    What are the reasons why you want to do it? Is your relationship over the top? Sorry, this probably won’t fix it. Only one of you wants it and the other one wants to make him/her happy? This isn't a good reason either. Find your own reason and your inner WHY. 
  7. Do: Reflect
    Talk about your experience, about the people you met, and decide if the path you’re going is great or if you want to make some changes. 
  8. Do: Check on your potential partners
    Sadly, not all the people you’re going to meet are great, some of them are not even good, and some of them are total nightmares. If you’re looking for a regular Bull, ask him about the lifestyle, his experience, and even about his own expectations. 
  9. Do: Use protection
    You’re grown-up, you probably should know why ;)
  10. Do: Have fun
    Seeing other people enjoying this seemingly absolutely stress-free lifestyle can be a bit overwhelming. Find your own way, you can do one day cuckolding, another one just wife sharing, and other be completely vanilla, it’s up to you! Find your own path, which makes you happy and when you both have the most fun.



  1. Don’t: Cheat
    From the captions and porn, it may seem that these people all have hall passes anytime and anywhere. That’s a big NO for us. If someone says we should do it with this person, no one is going to do it. Any one of you can stop it immediately, even when the Husband/BF is naked, tied, kneeled down and in the cock cage, he has the same right to say STOP (use any other safeword) as anyone else.  
  2. Don’t: Trust blindly
    Imagine this scene, this guy seems so nice, hot and innocent, we should invite him over to our place, where all our personal documents, money, and jewelry are, this is gonna be so much fun … Yeah, you probably know how this is gonna happen. Using hotels, motels, or even in your car is safer for the first time. It’s also not only about your financials or material loss, but he can also be violent, rude, etc. which makes you want to stop in immediately, and trust me, it’s much easier to kick him out of the hotel room than from your home.  
  3. Don’t: Do it with friends, relatives, co-workers
    Also, one of the fantasies that appear in the captions and porn. Our best practice is to keep the lifestyle strictly separated from these groups of people. Even vanilla romance can ruin your career, friendship, or family harmony. So try to imagine what this lifestyle can do.
  4. Don’t: Assume people will understand 
    So this nice guy approaches you (your wife) at the bar and you both flirt, it seems it’s working out and you are going to have sex, but now it’s time to tell him that the Husband is going to watch and this guy starts to freak out. It happens, much often than you think. Many people don’t know the lifestyle they don’t understand why you want to do it this way and why they should be involved. To be honest it’s much more easier to find the bulls at dating sites than in bars or hotels.
  5. Don’t: Undervalue your health conditions
    Wow, you guys banging for hours, you already feel tired but new guys still coming (and cuming), you can do one more, and maybe this one too, but then you pass out. You’re tired, dehydrated, and totally sore. If you’re not feeling great, stop it, it doesn’t mean the end just have a quick pause and then decide if you want to continue or not.   
  6. Don’t: Stop spending time only together
    Meeting new people is exciting. We all love it. But remember cuckolding isn’t a solo activity you both are in it as a team or even as two peas in one pod. And sometimes you will feel a bit disconnected. That’s normal. However, we strongly recommend you to have one night in a week to do as much as possible to reconnect.   
  7. Don’t: Share too much personal information
    There is no need to share with your bulls or sexual partners your place of work, who your boss is, and why your mother living across the road ruined your life. Even your sure name isn’t necessary. Even Bulls can have broken hearts when you decide to stop seeing them. And some people cope with breakups in different ways...
  8. Don’t: Skip your partner’s approval when trying something new
    It’s all great, you like to challenge yourselves and even your partner, but a single step over the edge or dismiss of the rules can be damaging. When not sure ask, when you are quite sure ask, when … ok, ask always, get the consent done.
  9. Don’t: Get emotionally involved 
    Sometimes you meet people who seem perfect for you not only in a sexual way. Runaway ... now ... really RUN! And then get back to point number 6 (Don’s) in this article. You are doing this as a couple and because you’re a couple, don’t let it ruin your relationship.
  10. Don’t: Do drugs and don’t do it drunk
    Just a big NO to this. I guess, no explanation is needed here.

Ok, how we give you some ideas what to think about. Hope it does not seem all dark now, but our main mission is to help you explore this lifestyle safely. 

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